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By IRK (anonymous) | Posted November 27, 2008 at 15:15:40

"Perhaps it says something about your town, when the best part about the place is the view of someplace else..."

"It's a work trip, again, not that I wouldn't go to Thunder Bay by choice or anything, it's just that, well, I wouldn't go to Thunder Bay by choice."

"My first impressions weren't great. I do have a soft spot for small towns with their three-gate airports (actually I think TB has five), single-lane roads, and quirky local characters, but it was clear to me after driving five minutes into town, that TB was just another sprawl/mall town. You know how it goes - roads, malls, roads malls, single home housing, roads, malls... I could have been in Mississauga (or Woodbridge or Scarborough, or London...)."


A comparison you say? Maybe YOU should reread this blog and see how often this fellas negativity pops up. I guess I remember the feelings of how great it is in the center of the universe and how the rest of Canada was full of poor uneducated hicks. It's how us Southern Ontarioians entertain ourselves when were stuck in traffic for two hours on the 401. And come on, comparing Thunder Bay to Detroit, Clevland and Oshawa clearly shows this man has no clue.

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