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By Willem (anonymous) | Posted November 27, 2008 at 22:56:13

I have only lived in Hamilton for some 3+ years. Still being a college student and all I have had the opportunity to have some pretty great jobs. My favourite job in Thunder Bay. I spend 10 weeks there in the summer. And while I now there is a great difference between Thunder Bay in the summer and winter, this town is unique.
If you stand in the main hall of Union Station in Toronto you won't find Thunder Bat as one of your destinations. However, you will find Port Arthura, and Fort William. Both places were found as fur trading places and were always two different towns. When the decision was made for them to become one town -Thunder Bay. A few things went wrong. The space in between the two towns was developed - badly. The two downtowns are connected by big box stores and a classic upper james style road that takes nothing that would remotely encourage community, human scale, or walkability into consideration.
The result is quite obvious two depleted downtowns, empty stores, low-income housing, and a lot of hidden poverty and addictions. However, T-Bay is full of potential and beauty. Especially the Fort William side appeals to me. Often considered the bad side of town it shows of a once thriving small town with beautiful architecture, and a gorgeous setting along lake Superior and Mount McKay (1000ft.) always overlooking the town. Thunder Bay is not that bad.
The biggest issues facing Thunder Bay are the changing demographics it has become a refuge for many natives who want to escape from some horrible conditions at certain reserves in Northern Ontario. And too many young people want to leave Thunder Bay. All the people I met who were actually studying in Thunder Bay and planned on staying there seemed to be in either health care, social services, or forestry. No business man, entrepreneur, or visionary seems it worthy to invest in Thunder Bay. It is a shame, because it is the most beautiful part of Ontario I have ever been - it is as their slogan suggests "Superior by Nature".

ps. The sight of the sleeping giant is tremendous, however, the actual park tops it. Too bad you didn't get the chance to get our there.

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