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By jason (registered) | Posted December 23, 2006 at 23:31:05

I'm actually planning an interview with one of the fellas responsible for overseeing the cycling and transit improvements in Bogota during those few years. The cities are different, but consider this: - it rains there like crazy - they are a 'poor' nation that shouldn't be able to so quickly and beautifully do stuff like this (at least that's what Westerners would think) - they have a much larger poor population than us and are seeing poverty and crime decrease as they've made huge strides towards sustainability. - and of course, 'modern' Western cities like Portland or Montreal that have poverty as well, but seem to have a more vibrant, enjoyable mix of people in their cities...and again, both (to name two in very different climates) are very sustainable.

Sustainability has a great impact on cities....on the people and the built environment. Bogota was filthy and rather drab when I first second visit I was coming in from the airport trying to figure out what was different. I realized late in the week that all these physical changes had been made to their infrastructure... I saw it and used it. the air was cleaner, cranes were all over the place and I read up on crime and poverty was remarkable.

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