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By Lakehead Grad (anonymous) | Posted November 28, 2008 at 21:50:28

Spent 5 years in Thunder Bay and have got to agree with the article. I heard the "This is Thunder Bay..." excuse word for word, many times... Including for the Star being old news all the time... I actually contacted Star circulation once to ask what the problem was since the other out of town dailies arrived on time... It was only the Star that lagged a day behind... Looks like they haven't fixed the problem. Most of the locals wanted to leave too.

Not a bad place, but it's got its quirks. The indoor running track at the Canada Games complex has 3 sides. To run a full loop you got to the end of the straight, ran down a flight of stairs, across the pool deck and up a flight of stairs back onto the track... The main street that ran along the waterfront changed names something like six times from one end to the other (Hodder/Cumberland/Fort William Rd./Simpson/Water/Arthur) There were other strangely named streets such as "John Street Road" The local phone monopoly was run by the city. There is no Bell... Customer service was pretty bad and there were no options... Pretty much anything to do with the outdoors was very good while anything to do with modern society was lacking. Not counting the ultra high tech paleo-DNA lab and Silicon Graphics super computer that the university had...

Weather was nice in the summer and skiing was good in the winter too. Saw the norther lights... There are worse places to live...

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