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By Sad about Power Centre (anonymous) | Posted January 03, 2007 at 12:14:08

Yes centre Mall is Different from all the other malls and we do get a different crowd of people. But this mall is a Community Mall! Everybody comes here. There are 5 banks in this mall you can only find 1 in each of Limeridge or Eastgate ( not including the PC machine at Fortino's. This mall is 50 years old one of the oldest in this area. My husband & our families watched this mall be built up from a race track into a very cool gathering place for many years. If this mall is to be torn down and made into only a power centre it would be a very sad state. It would be sad for all the Seniors and Bus travelers, sad for the Wheelchair and Scooter customers who come everyday to get a break from their house's or apartments who would now have to drive in the cold to get where they have to go. It will be sad for the small business retailers who count on this mall as a income for their families who now have to relocate or close down. Yes we have Limeridge But I hate Limeridge it's so trendy and it's to busy for my liking some people just don't like that atmosphere. And Eastgate's O.K. And Yes we go to Cosco In Ancaster but I can’t stand going there the traffic is crazy. I always feel sorry for the people who live around there why would they want to put up with that? We are Central At Center Mall. We get everybody from all areas. I 'm just saying I'm sad about the Power Centre I'd like to see a Mall still here when all said and done. And maybe stores around the mall. That would work for everybody. The mall may look a little empty right now, but it's not closed yet! The store's that are moving out are stores that are Franchise stores that aren't making enough money to stay and there lease is up so they're leaving. The other business are still there And open for business. So don't give up on Centre Mall yet!


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