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By Love Life (anonymous) | Posted February 10, 2009 at 09:41:30

Can you say biased? Anytime you go out on the highway it becomes a calculated risk you choose to take. Because you prefer a small car you make the choice to put yourself at risk of being hit by a larger vehicle. There is nothing wrong with driving a truck if one prefers. It comes down to the skill of the driver and not whats being driven. A vehicle only does what the person driving it makes it do. I cannot think of a practicle way to bring home sheets of plywood, piece of furniture or other large item in a civic or similar vehicle. Some people use thier trucks for nothing but buying groceries or taking the kids to a function. Many others use thier trucks for what they do best; moving stuff from A to B. Keep driving your little car, or better yet take the bus. That way you wont have to be paranoid of having your civic smashed by an evil truck. Instead, the other civic owner can have his rolling tin can flattened by the bus you are riding in.

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