Comment 301

By fastcars (registered) | Posted March 19, 2006 at 10:19:56

More great updates Jason. The York/Hess condo development is H-O-T, and if it proceeds, I think it will be the catalyst that changes the whole feeling of York Blvd. I'm impressed/intrigued also by the Royal Connaught update, as it's the first thing I've seen in print about that project. What is that in the southeast corner of the building--is that a pool in the former Vinton's Bistro/Fran's space? If Yale can talk H&M into Jackson Square I would truly be impressed and have renewed faith in the potential for all of LDJ Square to come back to life. I think H&M at Lime Ridge is a given--but if they can convince them to drop a second location downtown, it would be a big boost.

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