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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted May 20, 2009 at 12:47:02

"I have not lived in the city in years but the mountains of Colorado have no public transportation and a whole lot of truck on the road."

That must be it. Everyone in the US who owns a truck lives in the Colorado mountains and has no choice.

"If there was a way for me to get to work without driving I would welcome it."

Would you welcome it enough to support a higher gas tax so we can afford to fix the "no good" public transit system?

"If I want to drive my monster truck bus conversion 200 miles to work with one person in it its my damn business."

It becomes my business when the pollution and greenhouse gases from your monster truck affects my health and wellbeing. Is it my own damn business to punch you in the nose just because I feel like it? No. I'm not allowed to just do whatever I want if it hurts you. If your "choice" hurts me it's not really a choice because I didn't get to choose whether to breathe your carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.

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