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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted July 03, 2009 at 02:14:13

The only thing that will change this city is for the people to be engaged, to be involved. Why should we just listen to the paid hacks?

I am disappointed in the mayor, as there has been no movement in recapturing the brownfields in this city. No, we are too busy covering up farmland and for what, for a few to make their money, while the rest struggle? Food people need food but their cries go unheard, while we line the pockets of the rich and powerful in this city.

Jobless Recovery, know isn't that a joke. What is our motto, oh yes, the best place to raise a child, but in the meantime, what are they doing for the parents of the children that struggle, I know, temp work, forced volunteer work, endless cutoff letters from a computer system, you need food, you have to proof it now. People banging on the doors and windows of the foodbanks because they are hungry, but then do you know is the city itself has put limits on who can get what and how much. But then those who make these policies, they are not hungry, no they expect or should I say demand their entitlements.

From the mouth of a Ontario Works manager, we cannot change the system, well maybe in this person eyes they do not want the system to change, I wonder how they would feel if say, their pay cheque was cutoff and would have to run around to prove that they actually needed the money? Maybe we should be telling them, sell your house, sell your car, sell your assets, live within your means, quit expecting those at the bottom to support your lifestyle and bad habits

So many cowards that work for the system, they would never actually think to stand up for something, no that would mean their job, their big house, car and so on. The hypocrisy is astounding.

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