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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 10:31:19

Jason: You got that right, these suburan councillors do not understand. What I find amazing is that in the suburan areas of the city, where they have the lowest levels of child poverty, have a say to how bus fares can rise where those that struggle the most, are in the urban areas of the city.

It is a fact that their affordable bus pass scheme is a joke and it excludes many who are on either OW, ODSP and the working poor, as they cannot even afford the $40.00 per month. many who are on social assistance, those who do not work, are excluded period and in many cases, their workers will just tell them to walk across the city if they need bus tickets just to get to mefical appointments and such.

One can see that corporate donation funds some of these councillors who voted for the fare increase, which falls on the backs of those that sturggle.

Gee, if there was no corporate donations, maybe some of these people would not be running, as the people have donated little to their campaigns.

Too bad the province did little to change this, but then what can one expect, when the parties themselves rely on corporate donations and not the donations from the people. Maybe that would explain why the voter turnout rates are so low. The people have lost faith in a systetm, that no longer represents them.

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