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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 14:28:22

re: Jon Dalton's link: "Benefits to new stadium at Confederation Park"

"My primary reason for opposing the Bayfront site is the parking issue" -Parking Structures can, and will be, built --IF you really need to park right beside the Stadium. If not; a) Take a TiCats Express or hopefully LRT from one of our MANY Downtown Parking Lots or Garages. ALSO, I believe Niagara GO will be fully implemented by then, with a Station at Grimsby DIRECTLY connected to James North/LIUNA.

"For many of us, getting to and exiting from the stadium quickly and efficiently is crucial" -Wrong. Exiting Quickly is crucial for YOU; but infact is detrimental to the surrounding community, as no business would see any spinoffs, and congestion would be rediculous (imagine 25,000 fans exiting super quickly all at once onto the QEW. Disaster!) 25,000 fans onto Van Wagner's Beach Rd or the Service Roads, or all onto the QEW at the same time... only 3 options! -Waterfront offers PLENTY of Options: Burlington Street to Niagara (and rest of Lower-City), James/Bay/Hess/Queen/Park/McNab/Hughson/John all offer North-South road access to King/Main/Barton/York/Wilson/Cannon which offer Quick Road Access to Hwy-403 (via Main/King/York), QEW (via Burlington St), RHVP (via Burlington St/QEW). Mountain Residents can use either York/Main/King to Hwy-403 up to the Linc, Burlington St to RHVP to the E.Mtn or Linc; or simply use Mountain Accesses.

"Fans from above the Escarpment can access the Linc and Red Hill Valley Parkway. Those below the Mountain can use Centennial Parkway and Burlington Street. Supporters arriving from Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga would come via the Skyway Bridge." -Why can't these people do the same, yet access them from the Bayfront? -This also does not Economically Benefit anyone besides maybe the Wal Mart across the street.

"The stadium would be a wonderful first impression for our American visitors arriving on the QEW. It would also present a panoramic view of Lake Ontario, the Red Hill Parkway and Escarpment." -a) Who CARES about what Americans think!?!; b) Honestly, do people really ever stop to marvel at a HIGHWAY?! Waterfront would over panoramic views of both the Escarpment and Hamilton Harbour, not to Mention Downtown Skyline and plenty of Waterfront Vistas.

"Fans are no longer willing to tolerate the inconvenience of walking many blocks to reach the entrance," -Which fans? YOU? I'm at almost every home game, and I don't ever hear any complaints? -Also, again, take TiCats Express right to the Stadium then! IT'S FREE!!

..."and meandering one's vehicle through gridlocked two-way streets." -What happened to Burlington Street? And all the other lovely Expressways you mentioned above? All Easily accessible from the Waterfront Location! (see above)

Seriously. This guy is so selfish! All he cares about is the Stadium being closer to Niagara & Himself!

The only true issue that should be raised is Price of Cleaning the Brownfield. But if it's something the City has had planned for years, then why is it even a debate? Pay for the Clean-Up, Build the Stadium NOW, or lose it to Burlington's Sherwood Forest Park!

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