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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 15:00:42

I'm not sure there's a point? There seems to be a strong lobby for Confederation Park for some reason.

Although the Tiger Cats are on Record as supporting Waterfront, I don't think they're fully convinced. I'm pretty sure they want Confederation Park, simply for Naming Rights 'Exposure' purposes.

My Predition is Hamilton Squanders yet another opportunity by debating it to death (a-la Education Square), and Burlington ends up with the entire PanAm Park (Stadium, Velodrome and Practice Field), while all 'We' end up with is McMaster's Aquatic Centre --only because it's Mac's money, and not the City's.

Get Your Act Together, Hamilton! The Province WANTS Waterfront as it fits into the GTHA's Metrolinx Plan, which is clearly tied to PanAm Games. Despite what you want, this IS Toronto's Games and THEY call the shots!

So PLAY ALONG with Toronto and Queen's Park, Hamilton, or LOSE these ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME facilities to Burlington!

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