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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 15:23:19

I'm moving to Toronto!

I may have to pay $3.00 soon, but hell, at least I'll have: a) Several Subway & Streetcar Lines b) Super-Efficient Service (every 5-8 mins) c) 24-Hr Bus Service along many routes & 24-Hr Streetcars d) A Metropass that is not a flimsy peice of paper that falls apart in the wash e) Acceptance that Public Transit is a Necessity & Not For Losers

In Hamilton, you pay $2.55 for: a) Limited Express Service; 1 Line (Weekdays Only, between 6am-7pm); 1 Line that's even worse (every 30mins, during 'rush hours' Only) b) Sketchy Service Times (if they even show up, or don't fly by, full) c) Service ending at 1:20am latest d) A Piece of Paper 'Bus Pass' that falls apart in the wash e) Being Looked at as a 'Loser' for choosing Public Transit over a Car

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