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By Bonzo (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2010 at 12:31:44

Right why is it acceptable for many Hamiltonians to leave thier hopes for a cleaner, healthier and, fairer (i know not a word) city in the hands of a "not for profit co-operative" That as far as I have seen only works within a small pretentious, elietist demographic? Civil action is great and Grass roots civil action....even better but lets be realistic. The problems with our city aren't topics to be brought up over a peice of fair trade gluten free carrot cake and bottle of organic micro brew. Close the Sky Dragon and use the rent money on spray paint and plackards as some of the hardest working people in Ontario we should not be afraid to get our hands dirty!! Lets take to the streets and ask for change.....Wait there are all ready people downtown asking for change..."spare some change for a coffee(house)?

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