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By Refugee from Queen St. West (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2010 at 21:38:46

When I moved to Hamilton I saw the Sky Dragon as a place get a good coffee, a decent veg. meal and meet people in the community. I'm pretty relaxed about service, so I wasn't too disappointed, but here's the thing-

Meaning well doesn't give you licence to suck.

Supporting community involvement(even fringe elements) is in everyones interest-cities thrive on variety of viewpoints and social groups. The key here is variety-appeal to all, not just those who will agree with the folks at the big table.
There would be no shortage of cash coming in the door if the door opened to some coffee ready and some food that was just a little better.
No buisness in this town has a right to feel hard done by financially if they're not open on Sunday-it's the second biggest sales day of the week in every major city in Canada so get with the program- I'm pretty sure you're not in church. Close on Monday if the schedule is too gruelling.
I know the cafe is not the whole show but it seems to be what pays the rent.
What is happening on James N. is not gentrification. It's people starting buisnesses in vacant storefronts. They will pay taxes, hire people and create a vibrant street scene.

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