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By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 01, 2010 at 13:12:54

"Hint: Some wide eyed dude going on about "it's capitalism free coffee! no capitalism at all!" (at the meeting) is not helpful! Unless the intent was to scare any actual potential investors who might have been there out of the room." - zippo

Hmmm??? Ya, not good.

Was there any discussion of their mission statement and/or an examination of how all their activities support or detract from the mission statement and their core purpose?

When any business is in trouble they need to return to their core product and disinvest in everything else that subtracts from that. A perfect example would be Ford, during the recent economic crisis. Ford was one of, if not the only car company that made the necessary tough decisions to save its core brand. They sold everything (e.g., Volvo, Jaguar, % of Mazda, etc…) that didn't support their core business and were able to actually strengthen the Ford brand and avoid asking the government for money.

I see many activities taking place at the Sky Dragon: café, music, art, ballet, yoga, nia, etc… What is supporting the core purpose, what isn't? What makes money, what doesn't? What has potential to make money if certain factors change? Those are the discussions I would like to hear rather than talk of "Capitalism free coffee". Given the number of Tim Horton's outlets in this city I don't think the majority of people care about that. Perhaps the Sky Dragon has bitten off more than they can chew? It at least appears their core mission is getting lost in the mix. For example, are they "dedicated to the goals of progressive social and environmental change" or promoting health and wellness?

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