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By MattM (registered) | Posted October 01, 2010 at 10:08:22

This whole thing is indeed an epic cock up for Hamilton. It is definteitely within the best interests of coucil to give this entire thing a pass and let Toronto have it. They've proven that they not only have the attitude but also the money and venues for it. At current we have neither the attitude, money or venues with no clear way of providing even the last of those. At this point if if we get that shitty stadium at the CP Rail lands, we'll be left with a giant deficit and a shitty stadium that will need to be replaced or majorly upgraded in 20 years. When that happens, the Ti-Cats will just try to dry rape us much like they are now, probably with a different owner but we'll be taken to the cleaners all the same.

Hand the Pan-Ams off to Toronto. Take the time to do it right at the West Harbor, with or without the Ti-Cats. They can fuck right off if they so desire as the owner has proved he has no care about the city or even the team itself. Why cater to a man's wallet when it's his team you're after?

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