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By EugeneM (registered) | Posted October 09, 2010 at 13:56:30

As an immigrant and someone who put the time and effort into becoming a Canadian citizen, I am quite passionate about this subject.

Only a citizen should have the right to vote, regardless of whether someone is residing here or paying taxes, someone who has become a citizen has proven that they have a vested interest in this country and its future.

I could have come to this country with no intention of ever staying. Why should I have any right to vote, a vote that could influence the city for years to come, years after I have left?

Extreme example... Let's say that a Ghanian company wants to build a nuclear power plant in Hamilton and all of the municipal councillors are opposed to it. Shortly before the next election a lot of Ghanians come to Hamilton, rent property, pay taxes and go out and vote in candidates who are pro the nuclear plant and then go back to Ghana, leaving the people of Hamilton with a nuclear power plant being built in the West Harbor (ideal place for it now no one else wants it lol). Is that just?

BTW am proud of my Ghanian heritage. I just didn't want to get jumped on for using another country's people as an example ;-)

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