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By d.knox (registered) | Posted November 16, 2010 at 10:55:24

When the automobile was first becoming popular in the late 1800's, laws were enacted to protect everything from these dangerous horseless carriages. The one in the UK required that a pedestrian walk in front of the vehicle waving a red flag to signal the danger of the car driving behind. These laws were repealed before the turn of the century, and seem quite amusing now.

However, the pendulum was allowed to swing too far in the other direction, with too much emphasis placed on the privilege of the car and not enough concern given to pedestrian safety.

I'd be happy to see a city-wide speed limit of 50km/hr on main streets and a 30 km/hr limit on all residential neighbourhood streets. Sometimes I'm shocked at how quickly cars accelerate from the stop sign 4 houses away to the next stop sign at the top of my street, about 20 houses away. Why are people racing? Why are we letting them. My street doesn't go anywhere. It's not a tourist attraction and only a slight shortcut. I think we should think about this as IMBY and not NIMBY. I want 30 km/hr residential streets IMBY.

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