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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted November 16, 2010 at 17:43:51

You don't really believe that a one way street is "killing the city" do you?


As to your point about being able to go 60-70 for blocks and blocks, that is possible, but not indefinitely. Perhaps some math wiz can do the calculation, but wouldn't the maximum time that a person could do that be the time that the lights stay green between red lights? Either the speeding person would catch a red or catch up to the slower traffic ahead of it. If they are going REALLY fast, then the catch up to the slower traffic really fast and are only a danger for a very short period of time. If they are traveling only moderately fast, then it would take them longer to catch up, but wouldn't be as dangerous.

The lights on King between Parkdale and Centennial are timed horribly. It takes me almost as long to travel along that stretch as it does to travel all the way across downtown. Could you please inform me how making these lights synched would kill this part of the city?

I just had a brain wave. Maybe you are thinking about the gas stations and service centres? Do you mean that by not synching the lights, we are forced to use more gas and use up our brakes more quickly, therefore contributing more to the economy and less to our savings?

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