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By Kiely (registered) | Posted November 17, 2010 at 10:48:30

Burlington and Oakville have higher housing prices than Hamilton partly because most people who can afford it don't particularly want to live near the urban highways that you love so much. - John Neary

A house on one of Waterloo's "urban highways". I know some folks in Hamilton that would love to see those housing values.

Is it one-way multilane "urban highways" or something else keeping Hamilton property values low?

An important thing to mention in this discussion is that simply changing the value on a currently ignored sign will not work. Do people obey the speed limit now? Part of the reason Erb and Bridgeport in Waterloo work is because they are speed traps, everyone who lives there knows it. Traffic may do 50-60 km/h. You rarely if ever see anyone speeding excessively on these streets but you see speed traps frequently. I have driven Cannon, Wilson, York, Main, King etc... many, many, times and have never once seen a police officer enforcing the speed limit.

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