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By IRK (anonymous) | Posted November 17, 2010 at 12:03:26

I posted originally about the comparison of Clevland and Detroit to Thunder Bay and still defend my point of view. I just wonder why all the people "stuck" here can not manage to get out. We have at minimum 10 planes a day at reasonable rates leaving this place as well as highway 1 going east and west right in our backyard. How is it again you miserable people can't go. Bye!!! Get to the highway and go right or left and viola you are happy again right??? Like hell...these same miserable people live all over the world so if you judge a place based on some random haters on the web then you have larger issues to look after. Come and see for yourself what it is like here. If you are looking for glitzy bright lights then move on but the nature around this place is unbelievable and I have definitely been coast to coast in Canada. Unbelievable I tells ya.

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