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By Brandon (registered) | Posted November 18, 2010 at 10:07:02

Photo radar would be great if it was put in high accident areas. Instead it's put in some of the safest but fastest stretches. It's all about profit, not safety. Speed limits need to be set by engineering standards, not political standards. You'll note that the American highways didn't turn into bloodbaths even though the 55 mph speed limit was repealed. Slow is safe in residential areas due to pedestrians and cyclists, but different rules apply on the highways where keeping right and not tailgaiting is the key to road safety.

Red light cameras are a joke. It's been proven numerous times that re-engineering intersections, even something as simple as extending the yellow time by a second or larger lights, will significantly reduce red light running. Cameras only generate revenue (and have been removed in a number of instances due to costing more to maintain than they generate!) and actually create more rear-end collisions as people panic and slam on the brakes unexpectedly.

Before anyone comments on the "unexpectedly" remark, I don't expect the person in front of me to slam on the brakes as soon as the light turns yellow. I leave enough space that I've never had an issue with this, but if the driver behind thinks "If we both accelerate we'll make it through" then you get a collision.

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