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By Andrea (registered) | Posted November 18, 2010 at 20:41:01

Yes, it is a shame that all the current vendors can not move back. The Farmers Market has limited space; to make the necessary improvements that made the market conform to City bylaws and create the community room used up space formerly held by market stalls. I think that no matter what selection process was used, there would be unhappy folks. The actual terms of the market deal are murky, maybe there is a historian amongst us that knows more details, but the land for the market was originally gifted to the City with the caveat that there remain a farmers market in perpetuity. Hence, the market is run by the City, not the mall. I don't even know what landed is owned by the City versus was land is owned by Yale. My assumption is the City of Hamilton owns the Public Library and the Market.
Meredith was right on the money when she suggested that it's time to think of some creative solutions. If overflow into Jackson Square is possible then the City would have to negotiate a deal with Yale Properties. Yale Properties has done NOTHING to retain and attract decent retailers for YEARS.

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