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By Tartan Triton (anonymous) | Posted November 19, 2010 at 09:45:59

JMorse: “The leadership at Yale is not forward-thinking, to say the least.”

I don’t know if they’re not forward-thinking. It’s more a matter of what they’re thinking about.

“Yale Properties practises a very ‘hands-on’ asset management style. Company principals work closely with long-term employees in a very streamlined and efficient format, allowing for effective and responsive operations. Highly developed information systems combined with in-house accounting and document preparation further strengthen the company’s ability to manage its assets effectively. This approach, combined with judicious property-upgrading programs, has allowed the company to excel at value creation.”

I read this as meaning that they’re militantly frugal. I would not be overly surprised if Cadillac Fairview spends more on Lime Ridge Mall Christmas promotions and decorations in a year than Yale spends on Jackson Square upgrades in a decade.

As for City Centre owners Fercan Deevelopments, their public profile is also a little wanting:

Back to the market, it would be excellent if the stretch between the Cossart and Denningers could be revamped into a market-symbiotic artery. I can't be the only one who found that the long-deceased Cinnabon and Kitchen Pantry stores were a nice gateway experience on market trips.

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