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By 2bhonest (registered) | Posted November 19, 2010 at 14:00:04

Although I quite like the space that the farmers market is in now, it will be nice to return to the old space. I love shopping in Jackson Square as I hate the high end consumerism of big fancy malls. It has huge potential to become an anti-mall and offer unique merchandise that is made in the city. I love the small stores that are, for the most part, independent from the massive faceless parking lots that make up most malls today. Definitely a crafters market, together with the farmers market would be a huge boon to downtown shopping and also encourage more visits from those who 'fear to tread' the downtown core. The 'One of a Kind' show in Toronto is always popular and they charge admission! Being close to James North is a perfect alliance. Not all artists have gallery showings, in my neighbourhood (walking distance from downtown) we have many part-time artisans that would jump at the chance of a stall in Jackson Square. It is culture that makes a city become a 'destination'. Hamilton has that ability.

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