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By 2bhonest (registered) | Posted November 19, 2010 at 16:43:03

In my comment earlier I got caught up in the excitement of expanding the market to include arts and crafts and totally ignored the original purpose of the posting. The comments about filling in forms especially when English is not the first language, should be a red flag to city hall. Hamilton has a lot of immigrants that want to share their culture, whether it be through food or crafts, (which I think are the 2 main definers of ones culture). We will all be richer for encouraging newcomers to share their journey. It also gives them a chance to enter into Canadian life and maybe earn a living when jobs are scarce. The market in itself needs to realize how important it is to the people of Hamilton, from both sides - retailer and shopper. Maybe even more important than a stadium (!) Julia deserves a better explanation and more help, if needed, to re-apply.

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