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By sselway (registered) | Posted November 20, 2010 at 18:11:48

Indeed North End Neighbours is at the OMB to get 30K throughout our neighbourhood INCLUDING James and Burlington. We call it a "Child and Family Friendly neighbourhood". With 1200 children and 5200 residents living close to the core, traffic calming is important as well as education. We do not want to rely on "enforcement" (indeed there is little if any enforcement at 50K now!) Instead, there is a variety of "traffic calming" strategies to incorporate into our neighbourhood. We know that making our neighbourhood a "liveable community" will encourage more families to live in the downtown core.

30K will not discourage visitors, driving at a slower speed will enhance their enjoyment of the neighbourhood on their way to spend a relaxing time at the West Harbour.

Sheri Selway

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