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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted November 25, 2010 at 00:39:04

@fewer stalls.

A few things to consider. 1 stall does NOT equal one vendor. A "stall" represents a certain area (lets say something like 80 or 100 square feet. A lot of vendors currently have 5 or 10 stalls to themselves. I believe the plan is to ensure that each vendor takes up a maximum of 3 stalls.

There are multiple things going on here. Some Vendors are being removed and REPLACED with new ones. So while there are less Vendors, it is only by a few. 30 some odd of the 40 that are given the boot are being replaced with vendors the city believe better helps them achive the vision they have for the market.

Of course I may be wrong on all of this, these are just points I have gathered from here and which seem to be lost in the shuffle.

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