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By jason (registered) | Posted December 14, 2010 at 22:41:09

Does Hamilton really have to worry about a 'gentrification' problem anytime soon?? Or ever??

We finally see some re-investment downtown and suddenly its Beverly Hills? I'm sorry, I'm all for a good mix of shops and services and one could argue that Vancouver and Toronto have seen too much gentrification, but Hamilton folks need to go visit those cities again before calling James North yuppyville.

Slow revitalization is completely different than overt and forceful 'gentrification'. And even if James North were to gentrify and be nothing but $400,000 condo towers, I'm pretty sure that we have ample 'affordable' neighbourhoods between James and Centennial Parkway to satisfy our needs. Most of the city is affordable and underdeveloped. Let's not bash one of the few bright spots that has slowly emerged thanks to the hard work of business owners, building owners and local residents who are passionate about our city and downtown.

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