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By rednic32768 (anonymous) | Posted December 15, 2010 at 12:24:19

Well let me start by saying Im a refugee of Gentrifications having had loft space in Kensington , King west , Parkdale and Queen East in Toronto. I also Identify as being ' (far) left of center'. That being said I hardly think that Gentrification is what is happening on James North. In a retail sense gentrification is when large chains move into an area.. If you look a James North ( North of James sq..) the only Name brand is bank of Montreal. There was a shoppers but it has moved east to cannon and Wellington. So it would seem obvious that the retail chains have not caught on to the massive influx of money.

In a housing sense gentrification is bidding wars. I don't think that has been happening.

Could it happen yes ... but it's not going to be fast or overnight .. And rents would still seem low enough that pretty much anyone can make a go of it.

As fo the comment that Barton East is the new James North .. I tend to agree ... There seems to stuff spring up there( Victoria to WentWorth IMHO) every time i go that with the Dog .. and with the Hospital

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