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By Centrist (registered) | Posted December 21, 2010 at 00:04:04

My problem with the "Anti-Poor in the Core" movement is that it is classist to say you don't want a particular group to move into an area based on their socioeconomic status. (And this goes both ways, whether you're anti-yuppie or anti-poor.) You guys can try to argue for "balance" and the need to spread the poor out to other areas of the city all you want, but essentially your arguments reek of classism.
It would be a welcome change for downtown business owners to stop demonizing the poor (as if poor people are what's wrong with downtown Hamilton) and instead start thinking about what their businesses are actually doing to boost Hamilton's economy. How much opportunity are they providing to help others get out of poverty? Are they creating an environment where everyone is welcome, or one in which only certain socioeconomic classes are desired? Anytime I hear a downtown business owner rail against "scooter people" or advocate for the ticketing of "loiterers" I cringe a little.

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