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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted March 22, 2011 at 11:27:50 in reply to Comment 61314

Thanks TnT.

I would almost say that Ward 3 has been hogging the press as of late, from Ivor Wynne Stadium, the Festival of Friends, Code Red, and now the Great Places competition. Parkview has gotten a lot of press as well as Delta. Two more things that need to be saved - a new school for Parkview though instead of a reno, but I digress.

Ottawa Street in general has been in the spotlight a fair bit the past little while as it continues to grow once again.

Of course, much was reported about the $100M being spent amongst the old Centre Mall grounds as well, so it's been a busy (not so) little ward the past while.

The press has been great and I think you are quickly seeing things change for the better in this area of our city. Another $150M is about to be spent along Balsam too so I think you'll see Ward 3 gradually step away from the 'little engine that could' label.

One can only hope that the talks amongst artists of creating something new in the way of a Festival at Gage Park, also sees the light of day. So many people love the experience a festival amongst the Gage Park grounds creates, so I personally don't think the FoF move is going to go over all that well. leaving room for a scaled down version of that weekend festival.

I don't wish anything bad for Loren, but it will be interesting to see how supported he is in this move, by the attendance. The Ancaster Fairgrounds are great for fairs. I go to them and love them, but this new venue completely changes the whole dynamic of the event.

I am sure many more local bands, artists, and vendors would love an opportunity to play, present, or sell their goods at a newly created event. However small or large a scale the event is.

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