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By brothertrucker (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2011 at 22:18:16

Its real amusing that some people cant tell a truck from a Veyron or a Honda. By the way Honda does make trucks. Guess you didnt know that. the veyron gets lousier gas mileage then any pickup truck by the way and how many bales of hay can you pack in the back of one of them. Theres a reason trucks are built like trucks you know, they haul stuff. Did some one tell you the veyron was a stock vehicle? I always heard it was some kind of a million dollar race car? Perhaps you could enlighten us further with your remarkable intelligence. Why do people who know absolutely nothing about trucks insist on telling the world how little they know. Keep it up. With lots of practice you might make troll some day. Heres some real facts you can measure up against all the dishonest ones you have presented. I have a 95 Dodge 1 ton flatdeck that gets 31 miles per gallon on diesel, imperial gallons, and runs the quarter in the low 12s. THis truck is not exceptional in any way. I have a lot of friends with Dodge pickups that do equally as well and when the day is over I can pick up your Veyron and take it home for you all the time polluting less then a Honda. Thats what performance is all about but dont believe me, ask any Dodge owner that knows how to tune his truck.

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