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By brothertrucker (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2011 at 00:42:49

Its too bad you did no research before you wrote this Ted. I just read the whole thing and could not believe the amount of false information in there.

To qualify what I am about to tell you simply let me say that I inherited a trucking company from my father that has been around since 1943 and in my life have owned trucks big enough to move houses ans some as small as minni trucks such as my Mazdas and Nissans.

What I usually drive around in now is a Mazda truck that is about on level with a Honda or Minni Cooper and gets around 30 or 35 miles per gallon. I usually dont drive, I ride a bicycle to stay in shape and save the planet while my wife drives an electric vehicle in the summer.

#1 the Honda ridgeline is certainly no truck and its not the only one of these toys with unibody. They have been around for years, theres the Dodge Rampage and the Volkswagon Rabbit pickup to name a couple. Both these were unibody. Thats not even getting into your SUVs, the majority of SUVs are unibody.

Im surprised you used the Ridgeline as an example of how unibody trucks could be lower when it is the tallest of the minni pickups. Frames are put in trucks so they can haul something. Would you want to haul the 12000 thousand pounds I haul quite regularly on my dodge pickup on a Ridgeline?

Do you know how heavy a unibody would need to be to haul this kind of weight? Your not really that stupid are you?

Your hatred of trucks is certainly illogical and has lead you to make many irrational statements. Everything you own came on a truck. Even the materials you built your home from came on a truck and Im not just referring to them big tractor trailers. Thousands of people in your city make their living daily driving trucks that range in size from a couple of tons to 1/4 ton courier vehicles and vans.

Your statement that 1% of the population needs the use of a truck in their employment shows how much out of touch with reality you are. Are you really trying to tell us that all the farmers, contractors, mechanics, half the small business owners and small truck drivers, couriers and freight haulers in this country make up just 1% of the population? 60 or 70% would probably be more realistic.

You know nothing about solid axles and the extra weight involved in an air ride suspension. A reliable compressor is one of the requirements for example. They make after market air ride suspensions but they are usually used to augment springs, not replace them. I would certainly never use an all air ride suspension on a work truck. Theyre for custom trucks.

Coil springs became popular in the 30s, not the 70s as you stated and unibodies were real popular in the late 50s not the 80s. Every Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth manufactured since 57 has had it.

I will not comment on the further errors you posted as I think this is sufficient to show how far from reality your little story is.

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