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By Marz Paint Warehouse (anonymous) | Posted March 31, 2011 at 15:56:59

I just want to note that I live and worked in Hamilton's east end for years... have a paint business at the corner of Barton and Ottawa.
My husband and I bought the house around the corner from where we grew up. He was my neighbour growing up moved away and met him 10 years later....LOL We joke now about how we were the group of kids from the other side of the tracks...because we lived behind the Centre Mall
- people didn't know there were houses back there.
Love my hammer town,the people and how the community sticks together at times of need..
The power outage - one big barbeque - what else can you do..
The seven sewer back ups, get mad, fight back, clean up - carry on.
When one of my friends got burnt at Dofasco... The people that came together to raise money for him and his family...I am so proud to say that I went to Delta and the benefit for him. Im not to pleased with the Centre mall Reno's.
Trying to be something it's not... We wanted our mall left alone...

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