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By Jay (registered) | Posted April 14, 2007 at 12:57:02

Personally I believe the mall needs to torn down and rebuilt as something bigger and better, I also think its a good idea to keep surrounding businesses in mind, and to promote a mixed use environment. As far as art and culture go, with the giant dafasco just around the corner I doubt that would be a viable option. Its also important to keep in mind that some smaller format big box stores would benefit the area as property values and the construction of big box stores have a positive correlation. I think a great idea would be to bring in some major financial institutions as well as retail, this would boost the income in the area, and bring more capital for people to spend. It would also become a necessary reason for people from all over to come the area, since they work there. All in all, a healthy exchange of ideas and openmindedness would most like result in the best result. Happy posting...

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