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By Bus Boy (anonymous) | Posted April 16, 2007 at 12:48:30

The idea to develop a building as a co-op, then convert to condominiums for ownership HAS offset start-up costs in Toronto, Montreal and other communities, making such home-ownership affordable. The typical $100 deposit to join a co-op is much less than the several thousand dollar deposit demanded by condo developers, while giving members a say in the planning and design stages. A Toronto building contractor who builds this way has a website and offers counsel to new start-ups.

But the Dundurn location has a major drawback right across the road- the LCBO and Beer Store outlets. Neither have sufficient parking for the traffic they draw. It is a bottleneck and major source of noise. These shops may seem like a convenience at first, but adding pedestrian traffic from a new residence would only make the crossing more dangerous (as we've discussed elsewhere on RTH.) Move these ageing facilities closer to King & Main would actually improve the potential to redevelop Dundurn South, even as a commercial strip.

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