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By rednic (registered) | Posted June 02, 2011 at 18:03:56

if as they say art is the new steel then we (the city) better have a massive massive rethink about this... The loosening on zoning laws around king and spadina profoundly changed things, and it allowed for real money to invest in the buildings ( up till then they were vacant /loft spaces (illegal) or boozecans /After hours clubs ). Walking down king street around spadina used to be sketchy experience, it is now one of eye popping wealth ( less than 20 years later )

My thinking is that with so many bureaucrats working on the current system there is a huge internal resistance from within against any change. And there doesn't seem the same kind of resistance from the city to illegal residential conversions ( ie commercial to residential) it comes into play on the commercial side where every thing must be spot on. I think that this is one of reasons for such little street level commercial in hamilton. it is simply less work to set up in a mall , of course malls tend to lead to a pretty generic environment.

Aren’t the zoning laws supposed to rewritten due to amalgamation? one can assume that this hasn’t taken 10 years because of overwhelming citizen input but instead because of bureaucratic stalling with each department trying to protect its turf and revenue. Seems one would help is ... NO tax breaks of demolished properties .. Quntuple taxes n any property demolished and used as a parking within 10 years ...

removal of accessibility requirements for any building more than 100 years old ( sorry not anti this but it is used as an excuse far to often, and at some point a choice must be made between inclusion and history)

Waiving of reassessment for a period of time after renovation.

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