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By Morg (anonymous) | Posted June 03, 2011 at 00:02:24 in reply to Comment 64494

But do they not draw people to an otherwise unvisited area? Am I missing why art galleries on James Street are the focus of some of these comments? Downtown is not just James North. Is the point of Mr. McGreal's article completely missed? Specifically when he's using the unfortunate closure of a Hostel and a probable example for our city to mimic in Toronto's Spadina/King area. How does a negative fixation on art galleries and fair trade coffee spawn from this article?
I shake my head in bewilderment. Be a little more proactive and adult in these comments. Use it as a forum for forward thinking. Disagreement is fine, but using terms like "nursing the shit out of fair-trade coffee" and "shysters" is a bit sophomoric, don't you think Grom? I challenge you to contribute by presenting in a more forward way. Tell us instead what you think is a better alternative to Ryan's suggestions or what you would realistically have replace or put alongside the galleries and cafes you feel aren't economically viable. Be progressive. Converse and articulate instead of criticizing with less than weak arguments.

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