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By TnT (registered) | Posted June 03, 2011 at 01:26:17

Our issue with the bylaw (I am the owner of HamiltOn Guest House in case anyone wonders) centers around us being shoehorned into a very limited use of our property. Rooming houses and lodging houses are in no way the same as what we have. No one seems to care about this. My belief is that the property is what it is: a 200 year old building that serves as a short term, low cost accommodation for travellers. I have no problem with fire inspections...if they inspect the same standard that a student house in Westdale comes under. Not a ccommercial requirement that a Lodging House would have. We didn't buy and open this property to circumvent laws and try and run a flophouse. We did it because we love our city and we live in our city and want to bring life to a ward that desperately needs it. I am reminded of a Bob Marley song I shot the sheriff: "sheriff John Brown always hated me, for what I don't know, every time I plant a seed he says kill it before it grows."

Seed: Pearl Company

Seed: Hamilton Guest House

Seed: Festival of Friends

Does anyone see a dark trend here?

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