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By michel (registered) | Posted June 03, 2011 at 18:57:11

For what its worth.

Since the announcement of Sheila Fraser's retirement as Auditor General of Canada - a dark omen for Canada - I have fermented the idea that an immediate way out of our zoning/by-law constipation would be to hire her (well maybe someone else of her caliber and independence of mind, if they exist, but certainly from well outside this area) to do a forensic audit of these departments going back say ten years.

Amongst others things,these audits would follow the fate of permit applications from beginning to end, analyze time, cost, outcome, cause and impact.

We will never be able to get change if we expect restructure to be from within - to much enshrined interests.

Citizens need to DEMAND that a forensic audit be performed ASAP as an initial step towards the complete revisit of these pivotal municipal services. m.

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