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By Land Rover Salvage (anonymous) | Posted May 23, 2007 at 18:05:51

Jesus what a load of bollocks - are you trying to tell me that the entire basis of my company in selling recycled Land Rover parts to the 4 corners of the world is a fad - there are a lot of places in the world where the only vehicle seen is a Land Rover, by recycling used parts we save another being built, all this tosh about ladder frames and coil sprung and the differentials hanging down with a reference to a ballsack, if you bothered to discuss this with an enthusiast you would realise that a box section ladder frame is stronger than a unibody, live axles flex better over obstacles my diffs dont get hung up - they have armour plated covers and front and rear air lockers, no the vehicle is not a gas guzzler as prior to emigrating with it i had it converted to duel fuel propane as is the norm in europe and we have the network and government tax credits hence its more efficent than a civic, where we live in Ontario you need full time 4x4 as were on dirt roads, have you priced the cost of a replacement battery for a Prius yet? $4000 CDN which means that for all the doo goody sandal wearing right on brigade thats going to hand there car back on lease end are going to ignore the fact that once that battery is toast someone in 5-6 years is going to cane that small 3 cylinder until it pollutes more than a log skidder, besides which hybrids produce Clorine gas as a by product of gassing batteries!

This notion that the trucks kill innocent pedestrians half the time its boy racers in civics street racing that kill more people and thankfully themselves street racing, as for pedestrians and cyclists hmmm how about actually using good manners and road sense rather than assuming the world will yield to your stupidity - personally these people should also carry liability insurance.

Its so typical to see these anti 4x4 rants based upon dodgy data guilded as fact - are you the Taliban authority telling me what i should drive? no fraid not but i can assure you that my business supports the countryside provides rural jobs (we just took on a coop student only 2 kids at the school got jobs before graduating & he is one of them), it also encourages tourisam and exploring the planet and Land rover is one of the few companies that is owned by Ford that contributes millions to enviromental causes even the born free foundation it is companies like these that are owned by the majors that are coming up with better standards for the bread and butter brands and people like you wish to cease a huge industry by saying ONLY farmers can own them? what next farmers can only own a mule cos the wagons too big?

Lastly i would really like to know how a unibody truck can slide over a rock or winch out a stranded motorist when there's no where to mount a winch! - please dont think that a Land Rover is an SUV - its a Land Rover.

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