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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted September 12, 2011 at 13:20:26 in reply to Comment 69444

Brandon, The reason I ask you to rephrase again is only because you show here that you don't read very well. And that is not a sin, and this is not a test.

But you see - even after posting a verbatim quote of me -- you manage to go and misquote me right after -- which I think is more than a reading and comprehension problem.

My original correct quote by you:

"...maligning a sitting mayor and chief of staff by selectively presenting excerpts from their emails and interviews, and then allowing un-moderated slander -- are actions even paid lobbyist in third-world countries would not stoop to, even if their livelihood depended on it."

Your misquote - right after quoting me:

"You simply bemoaned the fact that not even a third world politician would ever suffer such abuse, which is just plain wrong."

This is why I think you are not serious about engagement - and why I ask you to rephrase. I could give you more examples like this, but you will say that I am picking on you.

The entire story of the WH / LRT is filled with such faux pas with even sillier comebacks:

"If there is a global slowdown, then building a better public transit system only makes sense. You want the best system in place to generate investments..." ~ Brandon

Now, you talking like this can be easily forgiven; the past mayor talking like this last year was more than a stretch - but his fan-club continuing to talk like this even after a year of witnessing the accelerating global economic melt-down is just plain scary.

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