Comment 73454

By Steveat60 (registered) | Posted January 28, 2012 at 15:08:06

Seems to me that so much of our "news" and so many of our comments just float about without tethers to any consistent approach to fixing this place, step by step.

Why not Code Red as our tether?

On a Code Red basis, the question is less about the location of a school board as much as why all possible resources aren't in classrooms rather than a head office? Current School Board premises have space for a given number of staff. Why not let that be the max? And thus be able to stay put. Perhaps not a bad way of keeping bureaucracy doing only must-dos with all other resources going to kids in classrooms.

On a Code Red basis, the question is whether moving Mac downtown will or will not impact on inner city life spans that lag the norm and reduce the after-the-fact reliance of our poorer neighbours on hospital emergency departments.

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