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By jason (registered) | Posted December 20, 2012 at 23:11:43

Anyone else hear this rumour of 20 Jackson West being demolished soon to make way for more parking? I hope it's not true, but nothing would surprise me anymore.

It's this building:

Seriously, we must figure out a way to get the city to relax it's parking demands. It's the number one obstacle to us ever seeing a vibrant, walkable downtown come back. They only care about parking. I can think of over 6 developments killed by city hall in the past year alone due to parking demands....all in the urban core area. This isn't the Meadowlands. Surely they can come up with a set of guidelines for the old parts of the city, and a different set for the burbs?
Our city is being destroyed on the backs of some of the most outdated zoning you'll ever see. And as is usually the case, nobody at city hall cares enough to fix it. Anything new and progressive in this city has come from hard work of volunteers. From LRT becoming an agenda to two-way streets to bike lanes etc.... if not for the hard volunteer work of citizens, none of these things would be happening. We'd just be paving everything over for more parking. So, if we want to see these outdated zoning laws changed, we need to lead the charge. Any ideas??? Enough is enough.

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