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By jason (registered) | Posted June 07, 2013 at 09:07:42 in reply to Comment 89377

You are correct, and yes the Netherlands is absolutely the king at this infrastructure. I find Portland to be such a great comparison to us due to it's largely lower density, single home design through much of the city as the photos illustrate.

And they do close streets to car cut-through traffic all the time on these greenways:

The above suggestions of Dunsmure for example could see this same treatment at Sherman, Gage etc.... Bike allowed through, but not cars. There's no need for cars to drive all the way down Dunsmure with so many main streets around.

It's one of the things I love about the Magill/Pearl/Kent idea. It already has natural features that prevent through traffic for cars: The York Blvd median, the bridge over the tracks at Jackson/Hunter and the HAAA grounds.

Cumberland Ave connects with the rail trail at Wentworth and through Gage Park directly to Montclair, then London to Central. Central runs all the way to the RHVP. As a neighbourhood greenway, this would create a safe, beautiful route from Corktown Park all the way to the Red Hill Valley. And Central could be 'dead-ended' in various spots to cars: Kenilworth and Parkdale.

London could be a N/S route one block off Ottawa St from Lawrence straight up to Cannon.

Again, due to our design as a city, very similar to Portland these ideas would work beautifully here.

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