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By ch02ce (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2013 at 14:41:40 in reply to Comment 89496

Thanks, that was a thought provoking reply. I guess what it really comes down to to me is that in Hamilton and in many cities across North America, we *finally* have another wave of real market demand for intensified living, be it from demographic trends or changing tastes, or whatnot. It seems to me as an urbanist we should be doing everything possible to accommodate this wave by making it as easy as it can be for densification. If it means more profit for Vranich, I'm all for it, hopefully he uses the money in another intensification project.

On a building economics note - there is a cost threshold involved in moving from constructing detached housing to concrete condominiums, and with the flurry of new multiples construction recently, it's safe to say that property values have largely risen enough here to make such projects profitable. But if a setback for the upper floors removes units, it may affect the profitability envelope, and maybe to a point that kills the project - I of course don't know the project's details, and I guarantee this is precisely what Vranich will say in the meeting. While there's always wiggle room, he might be right. It is certainly something to consider.

I suppose all of this makes me one of those 'greater good' townsperson from Hot Fuzz.

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