Comment 89522

By J (registered) | Posted June 12, 2013 at 23:23:52 in reply to Comment 89510

The thing with developers is they will never tell you their costs so you always have to take them at their dubious word that without this concession they will immediately implode and leave town. If we believe our setback and height rules have value, then variances should simply not happen and the market should dictate whether a project is viable or not within regulatory constraints. As it stands we allow developers to throw piles of money into lobbying and rent-seeking to get this bonus under s37 or that DC grant. 'Nimbies' then end up having to push back through the OMB. If the rules were clear and bright surely the net reduction in transaction costs would outweigh the benefits, and what those are I'm not all that clear.

The simplest thing here would clearly be for Vranich to negotiate with those 5 neighbours to buy out their claim to sunlight in their backyards. That would surely be more effective than 10 months of delay through committees and the OMB.

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