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By jason (registered) | Posted July 06, 2013 at 21:31:07 in reply to Comment 89984

So glad you chimed in Gary. Anyone familiar with the buildings you've helped rehab on James N should know that these Gore Park buildings are not only salvageable but can be beautiful again.

If these buildings are so far beyond hope, how was a well-known architectural firm operating there until last month (and only left because the lease ended)?

I love the Blanchard line that they are 'too narrow for any modern use'.

Really??? Just so happens many of my favourite places are in buildings 'too narrow for modern use'.$T2eC16h,!)QE9s3HG-8jBRg)SgUBfw~~48_35.JPG

I could post stuff all night. The point is, the buildings are completely able to be restored, and downtown isn't Waterdown. There is ample good use for narrow, skinny storefronts.

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